Here we regularly introduce the used cabletypes

This list is just a choise of the mainly used cable. We basically use the
cable which is asked by our costomer.

Rundflachbandkabel isoliertes, geschirmtes Flachbandkabel RM:0,635 verschiedene Litzentypen

standard wire

verschiedene Litzentypen

Our company uses almost all types of standard wires.

cross-section: from 0,08mm² to 6,0mm² or. AWG 30 to AWG 10

isolation: all established insulation matters (PVC, PE, PTFE ... / Y ti 12Y)

colors: all established colors (if possible for the type of standard wires)

manufacturing: standart wires are produced in all kinds of processing. Soldering (depending on the insolation), crimping even the use of established IDC-plug in connectors is possible.

If required we manufakture a cable out of standart wires for our costomer. Almost every option is possible: shelter protection, isolation with shrink tubing, isolating tub or tissue tub.

We look forward to help you realize your ideas. Contact us on contact.



Ribbon-cable come in different looks. From standard ribbon-cable to spliced
twisted pair, shielded and isolated or even round robbon-cable are being used by us.verschieden Flachbandkabel

pitch: 0,635mm, 1,0mm, 1,27mm, 2,54mm a.o.

isolation: PVC, PE a.o.

colors: Single colored ribbon-cable with marked marginalcore, colorcoding according to DIN, colorcoding accoring to IEC.

Rundflachbandkabel isoliertes, geschirmtes Flachbandkabel RM:0,635

manufacture: According to the cabletype we use the following proceedings:
splicing, soldering, squeezing, crimping and costomer specific folding.


multicore roundcable

verschiedene Rundkabel

We think it isn't usefull to show all types of roundcable here. This would surely be too much for this Homepage. Therefore we will show the common data of cabletypes we used till now:

number of cores: 2 to 150

colorcode: acc. DIN47100, acc. VDE 0293, acc. IEC, according to
international colorcodes (for UL/CSA-control wire)

appearance: normal sealing, twisted pair, half circle sealing ( less
crossover lamination )

shelter protrection: without, singel copper braid shield,
simple foil shielding, doubble shielding, multiple shielding (each pair of
conductors + singel or doubble screen shield )

isolation: all established isolation (PVC, PE, PTFE a.o.)

Our company has been manufacturing a large amount of roundcables out of the combinations of the above mentioned components. We like to help you, if you're not sure which cabletype to use. Send a short note using our contactform. We will get to you as soon as possible.



We work with all established coaxialcable, as singelcable or as multicable (e. g. monitorcable).
Even special cable for singel costomers are produced.

typs: All established RG-types (RG58 to RG214); standard antennacable; special design.

isolation: all established isolation matters (PE, PTFE, FEP ... )

manufakture: Coaxialcable are being solded, crimped or a combination of both.

different coaxialkabel

On demand we produce a custom designed cable out of
different coaxialcable. Combinations of any other cable and/or standard cable is possible.

We like to help you realize your ideas. Contact us.




As specialcabel we understand the cable produced on the demand of our costomer or one of our creations.

We try to accomplish the demands of our costomers and would like to show you a short list of special assembly.
You will understand that we can only show pictures of special designed cable if our costomer gave his permission in written form. We do always keep customer data secret.

32-fach Triaxkabel Sonder-Monitorkabel

special manufactures

  • monitorcable with 7x coaxialcable and 4x 2x AWG26 standard cores
  • 32-time triax-cable
  • 8x AWG18 cable, shielded, with plastic braid shield tub, nominal voltage: 1500 volt
  • manufaction of textilecable
  • hightemperature-standard wire; useable up to 700°C (has not been used)

This small choice shows, that we do accept each challenge to desire our costomers most times.