Here we introduce a small choise of cable assembly which we produced in our house. You will see, that you can get everything from simpel ribbon-cable assembly to aktive cable and special designed cable in our company.

AMP-SCSI auf Erni-Messerleiste
  • cable: 34 x 2 x AWG28, shielded, by Furukawa
  • connection-left: 96-pole multipoint connector by Erni with case by Harting
  • connection-right: 68-pole SCSI-connector male and case by Tyco/AMP
  • operational area: metrology

  • cable: ribbon-cable 10-pole, RM:1,27mm
  • connection-left: 10-pole IDC-pole connector by YAMAICHI
  • connection-right: 9-pole IDC-DSUB-connector female (noname)
  • operating area: computer technology

YED-NCP050 auf DSUB50
  • cable: 25 x 2 x AWG28, shielded, by Hitachi
  • connector-left: 50-pole DSUB-connector male by FCT with case by Erni
  • connector-right: 50-pole MDR-connector male (NCP050..) and case (NCA050...) by YAMAICHI
  • operational area: medical technology